Redgan Pesto

I’m Italian, Tuscany is where my heart is, therefore I need sunny days because I come from the land of the Sun (nice syllogism isn’t it? ok, it’s not the only sunny place in this huge wide world I admit it but it’s my favorite one). If you consider this and you try to live 10 years of your life in Ile de France you can’t but turn into e meteopathic craving for sunny summers and hating rainy months of July (just like this one) when you are forced to wear a jumper instead of using a fan at night looking for some chill…

Missing home and my mum’s Trenette al pesto I thought and thought about a way to create a pesto with no Parmigiano and Pecorino….Voilà what I did…

So easy, so tasty….on some fresh baked bread, some sliced carrots/celery, it’s also the perfect sauce for your tortiglioni pasta…give it a try!

175 g silken tofu
50 g dried tomatoes
25 g olive oil
70 g pine nuts
1 small garlic clove
15 leaves of fresh basil

Combine all ingredients and pulse for 30 seconds in a food processor. Store it in a glass pot insde your frigde (with some oil on the top, you can keep it for one week)!


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