I’ve a fourth child, but just for a week. A beautiful asiatic girl, 5 year old, her parents needed to go back to Laos (business) and she decided to come over to our place instead of staying with her grand parents. My daughter is younger than Tarmain, still she’s very fond of her and since last Friday I feel like living in a small kindergarten. It’s tiring and fun at the same time, because no matter what they get along so well, the four of them! They laugh, they quarrel, they shout and at the end of the day they don’t want to go to sleep in order to spend a bit more time together.
Yesterday afternoon, while my babies were sleeping, Tamarin asked me to cook something together. My Viking told her we had a bread maker, and she desperately wanted to do some bread! We had bread, just bought it at the bakery…and well, I love my bread maker, but my bread is not good if frozen or after one day.
So what could we do?
A brioche!
And how do you change a dairy bread into a vegan one?
Milk-> Rice milk
Eggs-> let’s give a try to silken tofu! I read it could be a good substitute!

So here we are, Tarmain on a stool, pouring flour and cane sugar into the bread maker container, following my just invented recipe, and measures…
And that’s how my vegabrioche was born!
It was so sweet to listen to Tamarin talking to her parents on Skype about our creation! I felt like I made her feel home, and it’s what I wanted…


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