Mangetout spicy stravaganza…

This is the year of the Dragon… it seems Chinese Dragons are associated to rain and storms but either Asia is expanding or this link between stormy weather and Drakes influences IDF too. Is this pouring weather going to stop before Fall arrives? Even our relatives in Norway sunbath, comfortably sat on their deck chairs, while our BBQ didn’t even see the coal this year. And this is the second gloomy summer we have, one more and I’ll ask my Viking to move back to Scandinavia!

Since I’ll go to “my” land of the Sun in less than 3 weeks, sunbath, use a fan at night because of the sultry temperatures and curse the day I dreamt of a night mosquito very very soon…I’d better stop complaining about this soaked month of July.

Anyway because of this dragons’ thing and most of all because I had some mangetout beans in the fridge since 5 days, a small piece of ginger and some chili…I decided to prepare something “asiatic” for dinner.

The result was quite good but a little bit too spicy for me, next time I’ll use half chili not one whole.

125 g tofu
1/2 green chili (or 1 if you are bold and brave)
1 spoon of mild curry
Some fresh ginger (A small piece, like one finger)
5 huge leaves of fresh basil
2 spoons of Olive oil
1 ripen red tomato
5 spoons of Soya sauce
250 g mangetout beans
4 small fresh white onions
Sesame seeds
1 wok


Wash and dry your mangetout. Cut the rest of the ingredients in small cubes or slices (chili and basil).

Heat the olive oil in a wok and add onion, curry and soya sauce. Stir-fry for 2 minutes. Pour in all the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the mangetout beans are just tender. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds and serve.


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