Please tell me I’m not alone…

…please tell me it happened to you too! Please tell me they didn’t change and in a hour when they’ll wake up after their afternoon siesta they’ll be back to normal mode.

Our sweet Tarmain just left to go back home and I do bless the moment I hugged her goodbye.
Though polite, nice, kind and very responsible for her age, she revealed the worst side of 2 of my goblins (number three is too young even to walk so he was spared by this never ending euphoria we lived for 8 days and 7 nights).

They became a flock of ravishers, forgot what politeness was and showed off from the moment they woke up till they went to sleep. I thought I raised my children in a different way, I thought they could behave but no, during this week they were possessed by a dark force. An unknown master who told them to do the opposite of what I taught them. And I forgot: it made them deaf too!!

Children … I must ask my Mum if I was like this. No I was not I’m sure. The Viking was, his genes not mine…no doubt!

I think I’m just too old for 3 under 3 children. 🙂


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