Cooking tofu…

If you ever wonder, the dark side of my children left, together with Tarmain. They are back to normal mode and I do breath again!

The s****y weather on the other hand left for 2 days only and now we are back to wind, rain and chill. We cannot have everything, can we? For the moment peace at home is worth a sunny day (ok, ok, ok… I say it only because I know I’ll have my share of summer in less than 10 days).

Today I’m in a pretty bad mood (again? Yes, I’m allowed): If there’s one thing I hate is people showing off just to try to earn their space at someone else’s back. I work from home, remote working, I have a small column where I talk about hotels according to customers reviews. The agency I work for has a new temp, half my age, who wants to get a job at the end of her training period and she is criticizing all my lines. I must send my work quoting all the emails I receive from our friends traveling around the world. I do this job since over 15 years while she’s half my age, new to this field, doesn’t have a degree yet and she pretends to be able to correct my lines. Geez! I could stick a fork up her nose. I’m cool, I answer back gently justifying my work that doesn’t need to be justified, and go on. But who upsets me the most is the boss, letting her interfere.

Anyway, bad mood-> need to cook! That’s why I tried to cook some fresh tofu. It was my first attempt and even my Viking who’s a meet addict and I think will never follow my eating habits found it tasty. Unfortunately I finished it before being able to take a picture so…I’ll have to do it again. 🙂

Yes i know, Tofu is a highly processed product, it shouldn’t be eaten every day… but it can be an occasional alternative protein and it seems quite versatile to me. I tried it with shallots, olive oil and curry, adding some soya sauce while stirring. Not bad at all…


Relaxing photo…better than a sauna and sticking forks up someone’s nose….


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