Spiced chickpeas


Saturday, late afternoon, BBQ ready to be loaded with coal and start cooking* (4th time since May, not bad for an autumnly Summer!), and no real snack to offer to my guests. I had a very vegan pack of unsalted macadamia nuts, some dried tomatoes (but the are MY favorite treat…not many people share my love for tomatoes), lots of juices but nothing else. Nothing…
I opened my cupboards and found 2 forlorn cans of chickpeas and suddenly remembered the Chickpea Poppers! No time to find the recipe, still my new version came out tasty, crunchy and my friends enjoyed them as much as me.
* my friends are not vegan, nor vegetarian, my viking couldn’t stop eating meat not even if the doctor asked him. I live happily in my little organic world despite their never ending questions; I’m sure you went through this too if you gave up meat and dairy products. Still I have the feeling that abroad, any country but France, food choices are much more respected than here.
You don’t meat? But, do you eat eggs? Not even eggs? But you eat fish, though, don’t you? Oh my, what about cheese? I could never…And what was the reason that brought you to giving up meat, and cheese and (big sigh …how can you? Really, I would never be able to do something like this..)…Yes, yes, poor beasts and the poor salads you eat?
A sudden and brilliant idea come always to my mind…Let’s flip this picture and ask the same questions the other way round…I’m tempted, but in the end I never do. In the end I’m more proud of me every passing day. My children will make their choice as I did. I hope they’ll choose the right one.

So back to the chickpeas!
Open 1 can of chickpeas (450g), wash and dry them as much as possible!
And now you need…. grinded spices:
Cumin, paprika, fennel, masala, curry…(one teaspoon of each)
3 spoons of vegetable oil
Per heat oven: 200*
In a large bowl, combine your spices, add the salt, splash in the oil and add the chickpeas. Toss well. Spread your chickpeas on a greased tray and cook for 20 minutes…
They are delicious!


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