Holiday Pesto

I’m leaving in two days! Tuscany is waiting for me and I’ll be able to enjoy my homeland for a whole month! I am looking forward to it! Even if it’ll be hot, full of mosquitos, and sultry…it’s where I belong and where half of my heart will always be. Since I’m not sure I’ll be able to post new recipes before September, here’s my happy summer holidays treat for anyone willing to try. It’s a sort of pesto, very creamy and not too strong. I had some rocket leaves left in the fridge and my aromatic garden is very rich of basil this year (…:) furthermore when back I doubt there’ll be any leaf left, wanna bet my Viking will forget to water my plants?)

100 g pine nuts
10 pistachios (unsalted)
100 gr tofu (minced)
1 large bunch of basil leaves – washed and dried
1 small bunch of rocket leaves – washed and dried
110 ml olive oil
1 tea spoon af sea salt
1 garlic clove (minced)

Put all the ingredients inside a blender and whizz for two minutes. Add more oil if the mix is not creamy enough.
I love it on my Alibaba Crackers, the Viking loves it on his fusilli, but you can use it as dipper for your raw veg as well!

Ps: yes you’ll have news from Tuscany, but la mamma italiana is the chef home, not me…


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