Vegan scoops & homemade gifts

I’m not a real blogger I guess, family life and work are sucking my time. Despite my will to try new recipes and making tests, I left my veggy blog aside, again…
In order to make up for the lost months, here are a few nice things I made and I would like to share with you.

Homemade Limoncello(…divine! Organic lemons, sugar, alcohol and a bit of patience!)


Bulgur and Quinoa salad (with roasted aubergines, fresh mint leaves, cherry tomatoes…)


Briochettes (it’ll be hard to give an accurate recipe since I invented it and didn’t take any note…and the goblins loved them so much they didn’t see the new day..)


Almond Icecream (I used a recipe from The Vegan Scoop, lovely book)


Spinach Quiche (this was just a test, I had never used soya béchamel before, I’m not a huge soya fan, and I was happily surprised by the results).


I’ll try to post all the recipes, one per day! 🙂

Also, I recently bought two books: The Vegan Scoop and Vegan Food Gifts
Their look is great, plenty of images, nice characters, tips, groovy layout but I was pretty deceived by the results of the recipes inside the Vegan Food Gifts. Maybe it’s the conversion cups/grams that is wrong (I didn’t check yet if it’s accurate)(I will).
I’m not good with cups, Italians think that a normal tea cup can make the deal, that you can pour flour and sugar in it and it’s done, but it’s much more complicated than that. Recently, I even read that a cup of flour is not the same as a cup of milk or butter and I got lost, like the lovely cup spoons my auntie in law offered me a few years ago (she’s from Frisco, but moved in Paris when she was in her twenties to teach English).
I decided to prepare some shortbreads and chocolate chip cookies but they didn’t look at all like their image on the book. On the other hand they tasted ok, nothing more.

I won’t give up, there’s a nice basil and orange jam I’d like to try and also some soups…I’ll keep you posted.


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