Reading about vegans I stumbled upon a very interesting subject: vitamin B12.

Do you take any supplement? I started to, because the more I read, the more I understand the damages a deficiency of B12 can cause to our body.

One interesting fact:
Rates of B12 deficiency are higher in vegans/vegetarians but we are not the only ones, one in 20 omnivores are B12 deficient.

I’m amazed that this problem doesn’t get more attention in the media, especially when you think that some of the more serious effects of B12 deficiency (such as nerve damage) are irreversible.

Here’s a PDF which summarize what we should know. I found it very interesting.


If you suspect you have B12 deficiency, the first step is to get a holo-TC and/or urinary MMA test. If either of them are abnormal, you should immediately take steps to increase your B12 levels. There are two ways to do this:

– Eat B12-rich foods (and for vegans/vegetarians it’s impossible despite what many people think).
– Take Supplements (and do not overtake them, it’s useless…).

Please let me know your opinions.


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