Striving and picking our battles

A few days ago I read a nice article by Hope Bohanec about ten of the most common questions asked to vegans.

I live in a country where meat is deeply rooted inside the DNA of most of its inhabitants, where not eating cheese is almost a sin, considering they have at least 1200 cheeses and meat’s different cooking possibilities are just as many.

I come from a country where meat is an important part of any meal but despite being omnivores, my parents and family have always given great importance to fruit and veg: we had our little orchard, we grew our tomatoes and melons, we had cherry trees, figs and we even tried to grow peanuts once! I was lucky, I guess.

I chose to be vegetarian, as I recently chose to be vegan, by myself.
Since I was 20 people keep on asking me the same questions, and I’ve never understood why they’ve always tried to make me feel silly. This is the reason why I cut the story short and answer with the second main reason that brought me to veganism and to stick to my diet: I feel so much better! I’ve so much
….And my ethical point of view stays in my pockets (…ready to jump out!).

Anyway, going back to the article I read, what I loved the most was Hope’s answer to the very last question:

“Vegans are all striving to make personal choices that will improve our world. Striving is the key word here. Finding non-leather, eco-friendly shoes can be a full time job. Some vegans do it and others don’t. Perhaps some people choose to put their energy into avoiding animal products in their food, in their personal care products, and in their entertainment choices, yet they still wear their old shoes that they don’t want to throw out. We have to pick our battles.”


4 thoughts on “Striving and picking our battles

  1. I recently decided to go vegan also. I have been interrogated by my family several times already. I come from a big Italian family that loves meat as much as it loves cheese, so I guess I’ve got a bit of a target on my back. But like you I feel really good. So I’m sticking to it!

    • I’m Italian too, living in France so…you can imagine how my life can be. 😉 After 24 years my Mum is still worried, asks me to eat when I’m sick because she’s scared I’m lacking of something. This is the reason why I take B12, which is the only vitamin I think I don’t have in my body…:p

      • That is one supplement I need to start taking! I can only imagine being a vegan in France. I remember their pain au chocolat. Very full of butter and yet nearly irresistible. Stay strong!

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