I’m back

I'm back

Isle of Skye – Back home again, tired but happy! Scotland has not changed, people neither!

Two more pictures for Thomas!



4 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Hi I grew up in a small place called Rogart which is on the East Coast near Golspie. I too went back and nothing really had changed.. in fact the only thing that had changed was me 🙂 Lovely photo 🙂

    • Hi Thomas, thanks! I love Scotland, I love people from Scotland and the landscape is breathtaking. I hope you changed for the best…;) (to me, the only thing that changed is Glasgow, the suburbs are very different from 20 years ago).

      • Hi thats very good to hear 🙂 I dont know Glasgow that much I have been there only a couple of times.. When I look at the scenery I think to myself… this has not changed for 1000s of years and I am just a fraction of a second years old compared to them… which is why I live my life to the full as much as I can… 🙂 Scotland is beautiful.. I live in the sub tropical region of Australia now…. 🙂 thanks

  2. I went to Cannich (Dog Falls) and while walking in the woods I really felt the same, part of a scenery that has not change for hundreds of years. Australia must be just as beautiful, and less humid, I bet! 😉 Thank you! 🙂

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