Vegan & family

When I chose to try to be vegan I decided to follow the “I’m willing to fight my battle alone” way. I didn’t know if I would have changed, but I did, because things that were normal to me are becoming weird, like cheese, something I thought I couldn’t give up to. I don’t think it’s fair to eat animal product is a stronger sentence than I don’t want to eat meat/cheese/eggs. At least to me, because I really don’t care about what people think, about my eating habits, and most of all I think my food choices are wider than one year ago, when I was just vegetarian, because I’m in a “I want to discover” mode and I give myself the time to create recipes that I want to be good, made to amaze omnivore people…silly, isn’t it?
I have my strong beliefs, but also a husband that I love and will never be vegan. Step by step I managed to introduce more and more vegetables and fruits in his meals, the side dishes are slowly changing size, getting bigger and most of all they are getting very much appreciated. Same for my wee goblins: they are now enjoying my homemade sorbets, my sandwiches, egg/dairy free brioches and cookies…but I cannot impose my way of living to them. Maybe I’m not vegan enough to do it. Some people told me they would thank me, if I did impose my life style to them, but I can’t.
I’m trying to explain why I eat diffe

  • rently and the oldest goblin is already testing me: is this something you can eat, Mum? It’s not an animal product this one, you can have some…
    All these little things are huge to me. From the huge salad my Viking has for lunch to the deep vegan/non vegan questions my daughter asks me. Small victories bring great joys, more than fights and barriers.
    You may see things differently, but we are all doing our best, using different roads, still our aim is the same: to protect animals, our blue planet, our health…
    Step by step…


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