No Steak by Aymeric Caron

A few lines of a great book by a French journalist: Aymeric Caron

no steak by Aymeric Caron

I’ll try to translate it the best I can:

Because in a near future the choice to become vegetarian, the choice of 15 billion men and women, won’t be really a choice. It will be dictated by necessity. We will stop eating animals, because we won’t have the possibility to meet the growing demand of meat, especially because of the population explosion; then because we will have to give up to a hyper-productive farming system that is poisoning more than nourishing us. Repeated health crisis, one of these days, will have repercussions that today we are striving to deny. In the next centuries, the individual consumption of meat will strongly decrease. At the same time morals and ethics will bring us to study in depth our present incoherence towards animals: some become our dearest and best friends, we put others in prison (sometimes even the same ones), we become attached to them, we ignore them, we humanize them, we convert them into objects, we recognise their intelligence, we make them suffer, we cuddle them, we eat them … or not.

8 thoughts on “No Steak by Aymeric Caron



    Je ne supporte plus tous ces idiots comme Natacha et Jp Coffe chez Ruquier qui font semblant de ne pas comprendre qu’ils ont tord et que Aymeric a raison quand il leur explique qu’il n’y aura bientôt plus assez de viande pour tout le monde sur terre vu que les chinois et autres peuples se mettent en en manger de plus en plus.

    SOYEZ CANNIBALES SI VOUS VOULEZ mais essayez de ne pas être idiots et nier la réalité !

    Vos enfants ne mangeront peut être plus du tout de viande et certainement pas autant que vous.

    Et même message aux abrutis qui ne comprennent pas que manger des insectes cela veut dire manger de la farine d’insecte (sans gout) et pas les insectes eux mêmes, êtes vous vraiment trop stupides pour comprendre ça ?

    Enfin vous me faites rire en croyant que c’est trop important pour les français de manger de la viande, c’est ridicule, vous en mangez simplement par habitude et parce que l’industrie tout comme les gouvernements a voulu que vous en mangiez !!! Et vous croyez que c’est un choix, vous êtes déplorables !

    Je trouve que Aymeric devrait vous laisser mourir car vous ne valez mêmes pas la salive nécessaire pour essayer de vous expliquer !

    A+ les cannibales incultes !

    • Bonjour Official health tips,
      ce blog ne veut pas convaincre les cannibales à devenir végetar(l)iens, je n’aime pas du tout votre “Aymeric devrait vous laisser mourir”. Vous n’avez pas compris son message. M Caron essaie d’expliquer ce que beaucoup de gens ne sait pas et/ou ne veut pas (sa)voir.
      J’ai mangé de la viande pour 23 ans de ma vie, j’ai lu beaucoup et j’ai changé ma vie, ma façon de vivre et de manger mais nous ne sommes pas tous pareils.
      La culture que les medias, nos racines, la vie nous inculquent sont parfois plus forts que la realité.
      Attaquer est la façon la plus erronée de montrer que un jour on ne mangera plus de viande.
      Mon choix est une choix privée, et je suis convaincue que c’est en expliquant, en restant ouverts vers les “cannibales” qu’on arrive loin, pas en stigmatisant, en parlant d’abrutis, stupides, idiots…
      Ce qui est stupide est de les attaquer.

      Hi Official Health Tips,
      the aim of this blog is not to persuade meat eaters to become vegan/vegetarian. I really don’t like the following sentence you wrote: “Aymeric devrait vous laisser mourir”. You didn’t understand his message, Mr Caron is trying to explain what many people don’t know or don’t want to know/see.
      I ate meat for 23 years of my life, I read a lot, changed my life, my way of eating but we are not all the same.
      The culture medias is feeding us with, our roots, our life and culture are often stronger than reality.
      TO attack is the worst way to show that one day we won’t eat meat anymore.
      My choice is private and I am sure that if we explain, we are open towards the meat eaters we’ll go far, not by calling them idiots, morons, stupids, stigmatising them.
      what is really stupid is to attack them.

      • Thank you, I agree but I get mad when the uneducated and brainless ones (better than stupid ?) think that they are right !

        It’s a fact, they might like it or not but there won’t have enough meat for everybody and what I am sure is stupid is when people think that they MUST EAT MEAT: they are not even smart enough to understand that the industry and the governments wanted them to eat meat, it’s not even their own family choice !

        I wish that people think more and at least they should tease people who do not eat meat: we are a lot smarter than you because at least we think and do not just follow the trends and do what the industry want us to do !

        Thank you again for reading.

      • I agree. People do not think. They really don’t. This is the problem. And people are so mediatised that don’t want to see what’s going on. It’s easier.
        But as you can see we talk more and more about vegetarian people, health, organic products, no/less meat, milk…and it’s not just a trend.
        My hubby call me “bobio” (from bobo) and it makes me smile. Thank YOU for reading my blog.

  2. I don’t think that it’s stupid to tell them the truth that they deserve: they are the first ones to tease vegetarian people, so I have no feeling to tell them how the way they think is OBJECTIVELY ridiculous.

  3. I never said that it was stupid to tell them “the truth”, just that being aggressive is stupid. This is what I meant. But this is just my way of seeing things. They tease us and we call them morons, we won’t go far this way…

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