That weird funny vegan neighbor of mine…

I seldom talk about being vegan around me. I try not to bother friends, when they invite us, bringing my own food, and I’m very lucky because I have a lovely hubby who’s always reminding our mates that I do not eat meat, nor egg, nor fish, nor milk, nor cheese…(because, even if it sounds funny they keep on forgetting it…must be a bug in French people’s brain).
We live in a small village, in the countryside, I’ve a couple of neighbors with children, same age as mine, and to save time and gasoline we take turns to bring kids to school.
Yesterday, when my goblin number one arrived home I started talking about one thing and another to the taxi driver for the day. The subject turned to food, and to my a bit round in the tummy Viking (who recently lost a lot of weight, by the way!). The taxi mama told me that my cooking was for sure responsible for his overweight…
Considering our completely different way of eating, I don’t think I’m responsible…It slipped out of my mouth. I’m vegan. (Which doesn’t mean that vegans are always slim, I know)
She opened her eyes wide and asked me what vegan meant. Unfortunately my answer, I don’t eat animal products, was not clear enough:
A bit of chicken, time to time?
Nope…I started to laugh…this subject is now rather amusing to me, I don’t get upset anymore because I found out that people really do not know much about food and food choices, they follow what I call “the big wave”.
But you do eat lamb.
Not even fish…
And no cheese??? (Do you know how many different cheeses you can find in France? More or less 1200)
No cheese.
I saw disbelief on her beautiful face:
So what do you eat?? ….
Funny how meals with no meat are considered as servings with no food by the majority of people.
I found out the most amazing of things when I changed from vegetarian to vegan (and yes at the beginning I was worried to regret it, to crave for things I chose to stop eating but I didn’t …): you can cook, drink, eat so many different and delicious things! Limits depend on your imagination!
We are the real foodies because we dare to go beyond canonized recipes and we can match a cordon bleu!
Maybe that’s what they do not appreciate, and why they are so skeptic! đŸ˜‰


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