Vegusto cheese


I have tried to do my homemade vegan cheese, and apart from a lovely mozzarella (Miyoko Schinner’s recipe) and a wonderful almond ricotta, I must admit that the results where nothing special. I liked them but they were nothing like cheese at all. An alternative, but for an ex cheese lover they were quite deceiving.

A few days ago I ordered some vegan products on Un Monde Vegan, and among them 2 vegusto cheeses: 1 no-muh classic and 1 no-muh yellow. What a pleasant surprise I had when I tasted them. I had the feeling to taste some mild cheddar, with a nuance of very young parmigiano and I couldn’t restrain myself from opening my fridge again and again:
“Ok, just one more bite, just one!”
“Maybe one more… ”
“This is the very very last one!”
…I almost finished a whole pack before dinner.

An now I am looking forward to trying the other vegusto cheeses.

They really look and taste like cheese, Vegusto uses only 100% natural ingredients that are sustainable and healthy, so no regrets…

Well maybe just one, the price. They are quite expensive: 6€ each (200g), more or less.

By the way, you can order them online: or


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