Cups/Grams: the baker’s dilemma!

I’m stepping into conversions since years, but now that I’m vegan the problem of American cups and European grams/milliliters is really becoming a sort of personal fight, I even tried to find an application capable of converting correctly milliliters grams and cups.
I don’t know about you but when I make a conversion I always have the “small change” issue: those 2, 3, 6… grams more that add to my round idea of the word ingredient.

It would be like finding 1/27 cup instead of 1/4…maybe I’m really making a mountain out of a few little grains of sand but these pebbles get on my nerves, especially now that I see how many vegan recipes are available on American websites.
My mistake: I tend to erase them, or add a few more and in the end I have the feeling of baking and cooking a different thing.

So…tadaan I made myself a gift: some measuring cups made in the USA! Vegan Stars and Stripes recipes you have no more secrets for me now! No more worries



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