“Veggies are not good”?

A few days ago on TV during a well-known noon program, La Nouvelle Edition, they talked about veganism: “a dangerous diet”.
Many vegans reacted (and I’m glad because most of them used the nice and witty ironic sense of humor just vegans can have) to what was said and especially about a sentence said by a famous nutritionist Jean Michel Cohen: “Les lรฉgumes c’est pas bon” (double meaning: veggies do not taste good, are not good).
If you can understand French, here’s the video:

And my answer to this “nutritionist” (+ TV show anchors and hosts) silly sentences are these images!
(please click to see real size images)
IG-Protein-v2 wondering-about-a-vegan-diet_50291cc43df4c

PS: thanks Fitfor365


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