My weekend was pretty hectic, and the cherry on top was Sunday, I spent half a day in the ER. Sometimes I wonder if male stubbornness is just a Viking prerogative or if this privilege is a common trait all men have! I must admit I’m pretty stubborn myself so I shouldn’t be too hard on my “halberded” nordmann! Still …
I had the chance to be close to him for several hours, just us alone, no kids, no mummy mummy please, a long tête-à-tête, but the background was not what you normally dream of, nor a romantic RDV.
We were surrounded by bloody noses, broken legs, nervous mothers with feverish kids…
What happened to my nordmann?
NOPE! No gloves- he said, I don’t need them…et voilà! 5 stitches on his viking left hand and a 3 hour waiting for the doctor to take care of him…Could be worst!

But despite the bloody Sunday, on Saturday I found out a sort of Whole Food supermarket, not far from where I live (30 minutes drive). My Paradise! A big organic shop, with plenty of things I don’t find in normal supermarkets (and I usually buy on the Internet or in Paris).
…if you are interested in my shopping, here’s what I bought:
Filet de Tofu à la Japonaise (lovely)
4 different vegan spreads (curry, chilly, pesto, mushrooms)
Molasses (ok, I have no idea what to do with it, but I’ll find a way to use it)
Fresh yeast
A wee pack of candied lemon cookies
Organic Flour
Pure vanilla essence
Sesame snacks (I love sesame crunchy crackers so much)
A very interesting rice & cereal mix
And last but not least my beloved tea tree essential oil



6 thoughts on “NaturéO

    • Thank you, Laura! I’ll go back after Christmas to have a better look at all their vegetables!
      The Viking is back to work, which means he’s feeling better. I hope next weekend will be less exciting…:)

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