7 day Juice Fast

After thinking it over for a (long) while, I’ve made up my mind and decided to start a Juice Fast. Will I stick to the program: no solid food for 7 days? I’m not sure yet, but I will try. Holidays are over and the beginning of a new year is a little rebirth, somehow! Isn’t it?
My breakfast: I’ve started with a huge glass of water and lemon juice.
Did you ever try juice fasting, yourselves? Suggestions, ideas and opinions are welcome!
I’ll keep you posted with my juice recipes for a while. And let you know how they taste.
(lemon and water tasted very nice! :)…)
Happy New Year to you all, by the way! Hope it’ll be a sparkling one, full of travels, happiness, joy, good friends and time to do what you love the most!



6 thoughts on “7 day Juice Fast

  1. Amazing and totally inspirational! I’ve done a juice fast for one day (that’s my max so far), but I did do a smoothie-only diet for three days and felt amazing after. Good luck and can’t wait to follow along!

    • Thanks Laura! I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a whole week, today it’s been hard but I managed to stick to the plan. I’m ok, not too angry just craving for bread (the thing I love the most with tomatoes…). The afternoon juice was really delicious but my lunch was revolting, I guess cress is not made for juicing! LOL.. Tonight is “gaspacho” and raspberry + lime…Trying to make something appetizing!

      • I definitely have had my share of “ugh’s” in juicing! I personally can’t handle celery in my juice – I can taste even one stalk and it ruins it!

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