DAY 4 – 7 Day Juice Fast



3 more days….
My fourth day of Juice Fast was like day 3. I lack of stamina when I do things but I’m not tired. I don’t know how to explain it better than this, I am not sleepy or tired, I just don’t have the energy level I had before starting this 7 day journey.
Lunches are still hard to swallow, cabbage juice is really something I don’t like. And I do like cabbages, as salad, boiled…It’s funny how the taste change. Or maybe is the mix of different vegetables. I don’t know.
For this reason I keep on having a tomato base for my dinner juices.
I bought some vegan cheese on the net to fill my eyes more than my stomach, and worked trying to sort out all of my files, finding back the thread of my unfinished papers.
My second trick: I chew gums. If I’m really starving I chew a sugar free gum. It’s something I didn’t do since years. Liquorice and mint! 🙂
In the pictures you can see my dinner. It was all red! Very volcanic! Tomatoes, with red pepper, cucumber, orange and carrots + garam masala. As for the fruit juice: raspberries, mango, orange, lemon, banana, carrots! Not bad!
This morning I didn’t feel like starting a new day. When the alarm rang I would have loved not to have kids to wake up and bring to school, but a water lemon juice and a shower helped me to get back on track!
1 more kg and something lost.



4 thoughts on “DAY 4 – 7 Day Juice Fast

  1. I am seriously so in awe of you and your mental strength! I am definitely doing one of these post-ultramarathon (I don’t think I could do it and train)!

    • Thank you Laura. I’m just bullheaded, it’s not mental strenght. By the way, I am not sure I’ll go running this we, I don’t think it’s za food idea. I still work-out from home but I don’t want to over do. 🙂

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