DAY 5 – 8 – 7 Day Juice Fast

2 week juice fast…day 8 of a 7 Day Juice Fast? I agree, there’s something wrong here but this journey has become longer than I thought.
Why? Because I actually feel good and the results I’m seeing (mentally and physically) are amazing. I keep on craving for carbs, and tomato sauce but I’m not really hungry because actually my daily calories intake is not that low. I just pee a lot! 🙂 Which is not very funny!

I had a really bad 6th day. I was tired (bad night with the goblins) and I had guests for dinner. I had to cook for some very good and old friends that are now living in China and the smell of my mushroom sauce and my blueberry cheesecake were hard to watch and not taste. Furthermore we went to bed late and I was exhausted.

Day 7 and 8 have been good. Lots of energy, good mood, I survived a whole day in Disneyland Paris with 3 goblins and a Viking and I was the only one full of energy at the end of the day. I was not hungry at all and these are the reasons why I have decided to do 7 more days.

On day 6 I was really happy to be almost done, but this fasting has turned into more than a simple adventure into a new world, I’m really feeling better inside and outside.
I don’t enjoy juices more than the first day, I don’t think I’ll repeat this experience very soon and I’m not very good at trying different recipes.
I force myself to have different cabbage/kale/cauliflower juice at noon, to get some proteins but I really don’t like them. I love fruit juices (who doesn’t? I tested so many different combinations of fruits and they are all delicious) and as I wrote before I enjoy tomato base juices and my dinner must be nice, so I always have a sort of tomato cold soup at 9pm.

Today is the beginning of day 9 and for a few more days you’ll keep on having my updates before going back to my usual recipe posts…because during my fast I’m creating an agenda of all the vegan delicatessen I’m looking forward to preparing (not to mention the 4 vegan cheeses arrived Saturday afternoon…).


3 thoughts on “DAY 5 – 8 – 7 Day Juice Fast

    • ahahha no one ever called me badass before! 🙂 I promise you it’s the second and last juice fast week ever – I don’t intend to do another one for a long, long time! Thank you drunken cyclist!

  1. Oh my goodness, you are HARDCORE!!! I’ve hear about this happening with others though, so I am determined to try this after my racing season is done this year!

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