Norwegian Krumkake


Yesterday my Norwegian mother in law offered me her old Krumkake Iron, a groovy tool from the ’60s to do the traditional Krumkake cookies, a delicate dessert, easy to roll into a cone. It cools quickly and become a crispy sort of crêpe/wafer that is filled with fruit, ice cream, chocolate… I had to change a bit the original recipe but the result is amazing, and mostly I had a lot of fun! Recipe and more photos coming soon!

IMG_0438 IMG_0442IMG_0439




200 g margarine
200 g sugar
125 g organic potato starch
125 organic flour
3 tsp egg replacer + 4 tbsp almond milk
1 pinch salt
1 tsp pure vanilla essence (optional)

Heat krumkake iron. (mine is old so it took me 10 minutes for it to heat)
Cream together margarine and sugar in a bowl. Add the egg replacers + almond milk and mix well using a spoon. Pour the flour, vanilla, and salt. Mix well.
Place a table spoon of the batter on the preheated iron, and press together. Cook until lightly browned. Remove from the iron and quickly roll up around a stick or around a cone before they harden.
You can also make little vases for your fruits, in order to do so, instead of rolling your krumkake, simply put it in a small bowl before it hardens.



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