10 Weird Things That Happen When You Start Eating Vegan

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I read this article -posted below- by on One Green Planet last night, and I found it pretty true, because I recognize myself in many of these weird habits:

– I do look for new vegan recipes on the net
– I’ve discovered a flock of great substitutes (or different ways to cook traditional recipes, … 😉 turning them into even a better version!)
– I check if what I eat is vegan, but “is it vegan?” is not my catch phrase, in restaurants I wear a huge smile and explain what I don’t eat, and usually  it is enough to have a lovely moo/meat free meal. At friends’ it’s more complicated, I always have some crackers/biscuits with me because I know they tend to forget and that I’m an exception, furthermore eating is not as important as spending a nice time with our buddies (and I start to honestly have enough of explaining why I prefer not to have at least just the potatoes – roasted together with that piece of meat..).
– I love whole food and organic stores, but I’ve always loved them.
-My fridge looks like a green bibendum (yeah, ok, the viking told you, I’m sure: I confess, I bought 25 kg of potatoes and 10+10+10 kg of onions, apples and shallots BUT I’m going to share my veggies/fruits with the in-laws/friends AND they are from a green cooperative of farmers, prices were great and LAST BUT NOT LEAST they keep for a long time…)(yup, I have a cave!)
– Nope, no snacks for me I prefer champagne… 😉
– I love salads
– I don’t think I give weird looks to people because of what they eat, I do not stigmatize meat eaters and do not see them as insensitive monsters (I ate meat too and whether we like it or not meat is part of our dietary education, I prefer to give my point of view rather than “attack”).
– I do my best to live consciously, but even manufacturers of car and bicycle tires use stearic acid, taken from animal fat…it’s impossible to live a completely free of animal-products life today, I do just my best to make ethical & vegan choices)
– and LOL no I don’t talk about veganism too much :), I really don’t

What are the weird things that you vegans do?

10 Weird Things That Happen When You Start Eating Vegan

Congratulations, you’ve made the switch and you’re sticking to your guns! You’ve been at this vegan thing for a little while now, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’re eating healthier, greener, and making a difference in the world. You’re also doing some pretty weird things in the process whether you notice them or not. Friends and family may be too kind to point these “quirks” out to you, so we thought we’d do the honors and clue you in on your bizarre behavior.

If you’ve been eating vegan for a while, some of these might look eerily familiar. Share some of your best weird moments or realizations in the comments section below to help encourage the newer Green Monsters that it’s not just them facing these peculiarities, but that all of us have faced these at some point on our road to cleaner eating and a healthier lifestyle.

1. You’ll start scouring the Internet for vegan recipes

There are a myriad of websites out there dedicated to vegan cuisine, and by now, you know them ALL by heart (including the gold mine of recipes here at OGP).

2. You’ll find a smorgasbord of substitutes

You’ve swapped milk for soy, oat, rice, or almond milk, your eggs now come from a box, you know how to pick out the freshest produce, butter has become vegan margarine, and there doesn’t seem to be enough tofu in the world to meet your consumption demands. Your fridge and pantry have had a makeover, and they have never looked so good.

3. You’ll begin to ask all the time: “Is it vegan?”

Yes! Food! Wait… is it vegan? This simple question somehow becomes your catchphrase. It is uttered at restaurants, dinner parties, friends’ houses, and yes, even at dear old mom’s place. Cue the eye rolls.

4. You’ll find that health food stores just went from extravagant to essential

These were once believed to be overpriced and frivolous, until you made the switch. Now, it’s hard to imagine grocery shopping in a normal chain store where the choices aren’t as varied. I mean, where else will you get non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free choices at the drop of a hat?

5. You’ll think your fridge is never big enough

You find yourself cramming things into every possible corner because, let’s face it, fresh is always better. There just doesn’t seem to be enough corners and the crisper has never looked so small.

6.Snacks…snacks everywhere

You have unknowingly stashed snacks in all areas of your life-office, car, bedroom, living room, at your significant other’s place…the list goes on. Good news though, at least you won’t be tempted since you have emergency vegan yummies if someone does go out to buy donuts for the office.

7. Salad will become dull

At the beginning, it was safe. Now it’s too safe.  Go ahead, intrepid explorer! Spice up those salads with some fun alterations likethese. Now when your friends think your food choices are boring, you can share some excellent variations and shake up their salads, too!

8. You’ll get the “look”

Your friends and family support you, sure, but every time they lift that non-vegan forkful to their face, you give ‘em one of these bad boys without even realizing it. It happens. Instead of that, try sharing some information with them about conscious living.

9. It will become not just about the food

Not tested on animals? Check! No animal by-products? Check! Cruelty-free? Check! No leather? Check! Shopping for other items beyond food has also become a vegan adventure. Look for labels to ensure you’re living consciously in all areas.

10.You talk about it WAY too much

Sharing your newfound lifestyle is great, but be wary that people can get sick of hearing about it. A good rule of thumb is to wait for someone else to bring it up, then let the rambling begin. Make sure to share some information that helps them learn more about becoming vegan rather than just listing what you ate. Being prepared to answer questions can help you to discuss the lifestyle in a clear, concise manner that is sure to impress your friends.


3 thoughts on “10 Weird Things That Happen When You Start Eating Vegan

  1. Haha – most of these are so true for me. The only one that doesn’t fit with my experience is #5. I grocery shop way more often now so I rarely have much in my fridge at any one time. Celeste 🙂

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