Omniblend V – my review


I’ve received my Omniblend V since 4 weeks now and I think it’s the good time to make the point on this powerful tool!
First and foremost the Omniblend is a blender, not a juicer and it allows you to make sauces and homogeneous creams/butters. You can not use it to make a juice but it’s perfect for green and fruit smoothies! You can use it also to prepare your homemade vegetable milks, raw soups (hot ones as well, because the friction of the blades spinning at high speed will warm up your veggies). It can be used for pâtés, ice creams, sorbets, flours…even pizza/bread dough!
A high powered blender is completely different from a normal food processor because the purees and smoothies it produces are unlike any other! And believe me, I was really doubtful, not sure of it at all before testing it, but it is true! Just put in a cup of Almonds, blend and after a few seconds you’ll have the yummiest homemade vegetable butter you’ve ever tasted!
The bad side of high powerful blenders is that they are quite expensive but the Omniblend is almost half the price compared to its well known colleagues (Blendtec & Vitamix) and if you make a search on the net (but also Facebook) you will find groups of collective buyings offering this product to a significantly reduced price.
Now I bet you are wondering if the Omniblend stands up the competition…
Well, well, well…according to me yes!
I used it for a while now and I’m really happy with it! It really gets the job done! Maybe – compared to its colleagues – it will require a few additional seconds to make some jobs, but the results are there and are great: the purees are unbelievably smooth and creamy! My tomato soup had a texture worth a 5 star restaurant (ok, I’m overdoing it a bit but it was fantastic compared to the normal blender texture). Furthermore it comes along with a mixing rod that helps the user with the blending, in case some ingredients do not reach the cutting bath on their own.
Among other recipes, I used it to prepare my chocolate cream, and wow, its texture now is much more like a Nutella! Not to talk about my sorbets, I just have to add one cup of water and some frozen fruits to the container and in a couple of minutes my dessert is ready!
If you are switching to a healthier way of eating, it’s worth thinking about buying it.
I prepared raw soups, hummus, sauces, smoothies and vegetable butters, and I don’t see any bad point, at the moment.
The only boring thing is to reach the bottom of the container. It takes a bit of time to actually remove all the food from down there. A nice silicone spatula gets the job done though, but not as in a normal round bowl.
It also make some noise when blending but…it appears to be the quietest of the bunch, according to what I read!
On the other hand, it is really easy to clean: add a cup of lukewarm water to the container, 1/2 tsp soap and blend for 30 seconds! Voilà! A sponge will do the rest…
Omniblend has great websites, several Facebook pages, a good marketing team and a nice customer service (the French team answered to my email in less than 2 hours!). Both on their website and FB pages you’ll find tons of recipes to test your machine.

So, in the end, “my” Omniblend is a very cool kitchen tool, I don’t regret a single cent I spent to buy it (ps: on Amazon it’s cheaper than on their website and many others kitchenware sites, at the moment), and I’m looking forward to showing you what it can do.

Last but not least: if you have any question about the Omniblend V, I’ll try to answer the best I can, you can send me an email or just add a comment to this post. 😉


3 thoughts on “Omniblend V – my review

  1. Oh good, I was hoping you’d do a review! My magic bullet has been chugging along, but I know I’ll need to upgrade as the summer gets closer and I switch to a 100% raw diet!

  2. Very informative review, Lauzan! I have a little Nutribullet for my green smoothies. It’s just me for now, but maybe one day I’ll need to upgrade to a full-sized power blender!

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