Creamy “Oh-love” Spread


The Viking has his best friends and one of them, Brando, is his mirror image. They are like the devil and the holy water (the Viking is the devil and Brando, the holy water!). One is a fervent believer (far from being a belieber), the other a fervent atheist. Anyway, our beloved Brando came home with his girlfriend last weekend, the apple of his eye, his perfect match, the one! We were looking forward (ok to be honest The Viking was looking forward I was quite bored at the idea) to meeting the girl who made him finally get his head together and most of all that he finally decided to introduce us one of his girlfriends, the most beautiful woman on Earth (charming, cute, funny, smashing, clever, interesting, kid-lover..and the list could go on forever) (oh what a drag!!!).
Furthermore I was supposed to cook an unforgettable dinner (at the insistence of my halberded man).
The potato bread, the onion jam, plus hummus, homemade dried tomatoes and also a creamy olive spread with tortilla chips were part of hour Tuscan Style antipasto….
I made it: our love-birds fell in love with my dinner! 🙂
And I had to change my mind about Camille, aka the One. Brando praised, applauded, acclaimed her so much (and his sister did the same) that I was expecting a phony, but nope she actually is a nice gal, a whirlwind of joy. And we are very happy for MrB.

This creamy olive spread is a delicious appetizer, terrific on just about any cracker, perfect as dip for your favorite veggies!

250 g canned black olives (drained and without stone)
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp olive oil
dash cayenne pepper
50 cl almond milk (or other vegetable milk).
salt – optional

Blend all the ingredients and taste, add salt if needed. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving!



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