July’s poll

A school-friend of my eldest wee fairy goblin invited us for dinner, well her parents did, and I was wondering if I had to tell them I’m vegan.
I guess I’m going to tell them straight, the day they confirm the date, but I’d be happy to know your opinion about it!
Do you bring some vegan/vegetarian food?
Is it a problem to have a vegan/vegetarian guest for you?
Do you avoid eating out?
Are non vegan/vegetarian people always questioning you while you eat? (honestly this is the funniest part for me, even if I have to repeat the same things ever and ever!) 🙂



5 thoughts on “July’s poll

  1. I hosted a dinner party once where one of the guests turned out to be vegetarian. It was a bit awkward and i wished I would have been informed earlier. Luckily i had prepared a veggie side dish that saved my day! Hope this helps! Cheers.

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