Basil Pesto Damper Rolls

Look at what Radhi (Chocolate & Spice) did with my exotic pesto…! Not vegan, but her bread can be easily modified into a delicious dairy free recipe! Thanks Radhi! 🙂

My Tryst with Baking

Bread making doesn’t come naturally to me and I need to be really inspired to be able to make my own bread. Yesterday, when I came across Lauzan’s (from The Veggy Side of Me) “exotic pesto dressing” I couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew that it would haunt me in my dreams if I didn’t try it soon enough! Lo and behold, I got out my blender to make it just in time for dinner. This has to be the most delicious pesto I’ve ever eaten without having to use any cheese!

My hubby is not a big fan of cheese (Yea i know, what’s wrong with him, doesn’t like cheese, chocolate !!) and this basil pesto would be just perfect for him I thought. To accompany this gorgeous pesto, I decided to make bread.  I wanted to make a bread that is easy and quick…

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