The scare of my life

No recipe today, just an update. Yesterday afternoon while trying to cook some Swedish bread, goblin number two had the brilliant idea of pushing goblin number 3 off the stairs. Our stairs are open, just 2 side banisters to grab, and our goblins are forbidden to play, run, picnic, eat, do anything on them. They are meant to go to their rooms, period.
Goblin number 3 fell, from step number 5, 1.20 m, head first.
He didn’t faint, just cried out loud, laying on the floor, shouting “Goblin number 2 pushed me”…
I grabbed him, he had two big lumps on the back of his head and as soon as his arms were around my neck he started to fall asleep.
Oh no! Don’t fall asleep…
I checked his pupils with a maglight (they were opening and closing). I asked him questions, he answered.
I called our family doctor who told me to let him fall asleep and wake him up straight after, if waking up I could go to him for a check up straight, if not I needed to go to the hospital.
He woke up, we went to see the doc. The neurological test was negative, “just a cranial concussion” (yippee) thanks god (or whoever made our universe), and he sent us home.
I spent the night checking on him, as he the doc told me, waking him up every two hours to make sure he was ok…
All’s well that’s ends well…but for the first time since they are born, I got really scared.
…and they say things get worst when children grow up.
Sometimes I wonder if I should secede…



8 thoughts on “The scare of my life

    • Thank you! He’s ok, much more nervous than usual but I think it’s normal considering what he went through. I feel much better too…:) xxx

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