What would feed me…Laura?

I was kindly invited to cook for my so very gifted friend Elaine, here’s what I offered her….


This week I am being treated to a lovely meal from the lovely Laurafrom ‘The Veggy Side of Me‘…another lovely friend that I have made via our blogs 😄 Laura and I have determined that we share many similarities in personalities and abilities..although I can’t speak 4 languages like she does….one is my limit!

I regularly enjoy reading Laura’s recipes and know that if I was at her table, I would never be hungry, so, today..

What would you feed me , Laura…?

It was anhonor tovirtuallycook for Elaine and alsovery interestingbecause my menu had to be gluten and sugar free.

Ireallywanted to make somethingfresh,tasty and unusual, able to happily surprise her in order to thank her for this thrilling opportunity.

What about inviting you to a virtuallunch in the garden,under a late spring…

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