Let’s make a Love Blanket!

I’m sharing a message of very special and extremely gifted friend Emily Cooper, and it would be nice if you could all help her making her love blanket!
love b

Hi everyone, I have a completely batty request to throw out there, please give me a minute of your time to read my post?

Our daughter Alex, was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia four and a half years ago and has struggled with daily chemotherapy ever since. Her consultants are now organising a date in mid May for her to undergo a bone marrow, stem cell transplant.

We are all very positive about the treatment and Alex is at last looking at a future that is potentially cancer free. We are all aware that it will be a hell of a journey and that she will have to endure a really tough time but it will be worth it if she will at last be able to join in with the rest of the human race and not feel sick and tired all the time from the side effects of the daily chemotherapy.

My request is simple. I’m asking you, the followers of my page and anyone else who might like to do a wonderful, kind deed for a stranger, to consider donating a square of fabric, be it knitted, crochet, patchwork, felt, tapestry, cross stitch… anything you like of 15cm x 15cm and post it to me. My idea is to stitch all the squares together to make Alex a “Love Blanket”. How amazing would that be? Knowing that she was wrapped up in the hugs of all the people out there who wish her well?

There will be days ahead for Alex when she will need a little support and a little love and I think this idea could be something truly special that would help her to fight when she might not feel so strong.

I know that when I have down days, the kindness of strangers gives me a restored faith in human nature and it can lift my spirits enormously. Imagine being able to wrap a stranger in something you have created to let them know you have thought of them?

If you’re up for the challenge, firstly, THANK YOU! Secondly, I will need to be able to wash the “Love Blanket” at 30 degrees so please bear that in mind if you are about to be kind enough to take part. You might want to stitch a message into a square? You might want to sign it and let her know where in the world you are? Anything goes and it would be such a powerful and beautiful thing to do.

Lastly, please be aware that we don’t have too long before the treatment starts in mid May so please, please get out your crochet hooks, knitting needles or whatever else you can think of and post it to me…

“Love Blanket”
Emily Cooper Artworks,
The Street,

If you’re still reading this far, thank you! If you’d like to share this post the blanket will hopefully get bigger so go for it!

(Please also be aware that my studio is still open despite the roller coaster ride to come. X)


15 thoughts on “Let’s make a Love Blanket!

  1. Reblogged this on medasane and commented:
    I hope this blanket is huge. I know what it feels like to have something physical to wrap up in that reminds you of love when everything around you and in you feels so threatening. I hope the best for her.

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