Dream Pineapple and Banana Ice-cream!

image The weather is finally warm and sunny and I think it’s about the time to start making something fresh and refreshing to sip on! This is one of my favorite after dinner treat! A super soft and creamy recipe for a delicious, home-made ice cream free of preservatives and other additives. The only thing you need is a high speed blender!

260 g frozen ananas cubes (cut and frozen by you, if possible)
1 frozen banana (ripen banana cut and frozen by you)
100 g soy yogurt
25 ml vegetable milk
(if you are soy-free add 125 ml of vegetable milk, no yoghurt)


Place the pineapple, banana and vegetable milk in a high speed blender. Start blending and use the tamper to press the ingredients into the blades. It’ll take 60 seconds more or less to have a creamy texture. Do not over process. Serve immediately!

TIP: If you want to add a sweeter touch, squeeze in a bit of agave or maple syrup, or of any other sugar you fancy.


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