Vitamix? No thank you….

I’m deceived. I was so looking forward to receiving my Vitamix and I’ve found out that this world famous blender has a dark side, and what really upsets me is that its Customer Service is giving sibylline and unclear answers.

What’s wrong with the Vitamix?
A few days ago before receiving my long desired blender I stumbled upon this Facebook thread talking about black specks inside the container, dangerous particles, teflon…and I started to look for more information via Google.
The message of the upset customers was clear: future buyers change your mind, do not to buy Vitamix or if you do, make sure to do a test with your machine in order to verify the presence of unknown particles inside the container.
How? Put some water inside your blender, turn it on and whizz for 30 seconds. Pour the water in a white bowl and look if you see something like this:
These are the particles I’ve found testing my Vitamix this morning, just after receiving it. I did this test 4 times, I even washed the container carefully but this scary amount of different sized dots didn’t decrease.

Vitamix assures it’s nothing dangerous that these black specks of polytetrafluoroethylene, the non-stick chemical more commonly known as Teflon, used since over 50 years, are harmless.

So according to them… there’s nothing to worry about: Teflon is chemically inert….
But am I supposed to eat Teflon and give it to my children and family? A new (even an old!) blender, is NOT supposed to produce tiny particles of polytetrafluoroethylene: or is it a new way to season food preparations?
It’s true, Vitamix proposes to change the container, but there’s no guarantee that the new container (at least not for the moment) won’t produce any black speck.

What did I do? Personally, I sent my Vitamix 5200 straight back to the seller.
Especially after reading that Edward Boyer, director of toxicology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, said: “… (teflon) is probably better for you than eating a cheeseburger every meal.”
I do not eat cheeseburgers and I hoped to buy a Vitamix to improve my diet not to add polytetrafluoroethylene to it…
And is Mr Boyer’s an answer? Where are the documents proving that Vitamix conducted an internal analysis?
The good news is that, considering all the customers’ messages and requests Vitamix is now working on a new, shard-free model.
I’ve waited so long for a real high speed blender, I can wait a few more months. But honestly, the way they have dealt with this issue, not recalling the “problematic” models because (according to them) the flecks don’t pose any safety risks, was to me a big deception.

What do you think?

UPDATE-=-> 6pm
Vitamix USA has just sent me an email:
“I’m pleased to share with you that we have developed a new seal that is designed to address the issue raised by some customers. A lot of work went into designing and testing this new seal to ensure it meets our high quality, safety, and durability standards. The new seal has third-party NSF certification in the US; international certification is pending.We are happy to exchange your container with a new one with a new seal which has been designed to address the issue.”

My answer:

thanks for your message.
I’ve been dealing with Wismer France (your official retailer) the whole day because of the black specks I’ve found in my brand new Vitamix 5200.
They sent me a message saying Vitamix USA assured the particles were not dangerous and that they were doing their best to resolve this issue but no new container/seal was ready at the moment.
Wiesmer proposed me to send me a new container, but they said they couldn’t assure me this would solve the problem…
Since they are your official retailer I trusted their words.
A blender is NOT supposed to produce tiny particles of polytetrafluoroethylene, even if they are harmless…
Just one hour ago, with deep regret , I sent back my Vitamix to Wismer asking them send me a message when a new “safe” model will be available on sale.
Now that I know that a new seal is ready and solve the specks’ issue, I’m even more disappointed… It’s not fair.
Why Wismer France was not informed? Considering they represent you here?
Anyway, now I’ve no Vitamix, I had to pay for the return fees and you have just told me that the problem is solved! 
It’s just not my day, I guess… 😦
PS: I’m bringing this posy to Fiesta Friday #72! Come and join us!

27 thoughts on “Vitamix? No thank you….

  1. Good to know, since I’m in the process of replacing my old blender and has been looking for a new one! Thanks for the review! 🙂 I sent you an email.

  2. I received one of the new containers and it also shed teflon particles. A lot less than the previous container, but still some. I’m requesting another container from vitamix but if the replacement also has the same problem I think I’ll return the whole thing.

    • I hope your new container won’t have any problem. Please let me+know. They told+me+the new+models coming out in+September should be Teflon free…but I’m really upset and deceived by the way they dealt with+this issue. I know I’m repeating myself…thanks for your message, Kashiraja

      • the 2nd new container again had the teflon problem, so I returned the whole blender. they did not solve the problem with the new seal, they merely reduced it, but it’s still there

      • Thanks for letting me know…I’m so sorry and deceived…they are hiding a serious issue, not pro at all. 😦

    • Hi Sam! I know it. But it nobody knew about it in France. The Official Retailer didn’t know about it and Vitamix told them after my message. This is what I didn’t like. I have a Vitamix, bought it a couple of months ago, because it’s really what I wanted as high speed blender. No specs, and I’m very happy with it. Thank you for your feedback.

      • hey lauzan, thanks for the article. So you said that since that article, you got a new vitamix / container and it doesnt do that anymore? if so what model / container model? I was looking to buy one yesterday but for me if ANY teflon is in my food, it’s a no go. Thanks for your answer

      • I Joel sorry for the late reply, mine is a Total Nutrition Center 5200! And I have the new 2l container. Hope this information can be useful…

  3. You should go for the Breville Boss Blender, more power, versatile than same priced Vitamix machine and big bonus, no black specs whatsoever!!!!

  4. thanks for your discussion about teflon in vitamix. is the teflon now removed from all vitamix? do they guaranty it? i , like most of us, want a clean product. – best to you-

    • Where do you live, Glenn? I suggest you to ask the shop where you would like to purchase your Vitamix. And do a test after, in any casa. I did it even though they assured me the problem was solved. Unless it’s from an old series the problem should be solved. Keep me posted! xxx

      • you’re article and it was very informative…im looking to buy one of these high tec blender but really confuse…is the 5200 model having the teflon problem? Im loking forward t purchase one tomorrow on mother’s day.. The 5200 deluxe or the 7500 package… Really dont know which one to choose… Can you please give me you’re honest opinion ….

      • Hi Tanesha, the specs problem should be solved by now. Where do you live? I suggest you to contact your retailer before buying your favorite model to make sure they have the new container, or Vitamix itself, they answer almost on the spot. I have a 5200 deluxe. xxx

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