My Arancino – Orange liquor

I’m not a huge fan of liquors, but I don’t mind a few drops of Arancino, from time to time. 🙂
Arancino is a lovely sweet, intense orange-flavored drink you can do yourself and offer to your guests, but don’t forget to serve it very cold!


The Veggy Side of Me – Arancino

7 organic oranges
2 vanilla pods
1 l ethyl alcohol (90°)

600 g organic sugar
1,5 l water

Peel oranges and remove their white pith with a sharp knife, get only their zest, the thin layer of colored skin.
Soak orange zest strips in ethyl alcohol, inside a huge glass container. Add the vanilla pods, opened.
Close the container very well and leave it to infuse in a dark place for 30 days. Shake it from time to time.

After 1 month, get the syrup ready. Add the sugar in a large saucepan with 1,5 l of cold water.
Always stirring bring the water and sugar to boil. Let the syrup cool.
Filter the infusion of orange zest and add it to the syrup, cover and leave it to infuse for 12 hours.

Bottle the Arancino.

Wait at least one week before drinking your liquor.
Again: Serve it very very cold in a tiny glass!


3 thoughts on “My Arancino – Orange liquor

  1. This special drink for grown ups sounds really interesting & very tasty sounding too!
    Thanks for introducing something new to me! A must try, for sure,…😊😊

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