The Vegan Shop – My First Order

The Vegan Shop

Searching Google regularly for new online vegan shops here in France, I’ve recently discovered the opening of a new online boutique: The Vegan Shop.

It’s specialised in foreign vegan products (USA, United Kingdom, Italy…), and offers a wide choice of items: vegetable cheese, pasta, mayo, sauces, organic food, indian and Japanese specialities, cookies, egg replacer, vitamins, beans, shampoos, softeners, animal products…
The only thing I didn’t find is toothpaste, but I’m sure it will be added soon since I know they are always looking for new products to add to their shop!

The first thing I noticed while “window-shopping”, before making up my mind and buying, were Daiya products: they are impossible to find here in France and I was looking forward to tasting them. There is one German online shop selling Daiya, I think, and you can find it in UK, but delivery costs are a bit out of (my) reach.

Then I was happily surprised and attracted by the story of the onlineshop-owner(s). A French girl – and her husband – who studied in Japan and then moved to Edimburgh (my beloved Scotland! It was a sign!). When they moved back to France, they decided to open a vegan shop, and sell the vegan products they used to find in Scotland and couldn’t find here.
A great dream came true! Don’t you think?

Last but not least, The Vegan Shop website is fresh, nice and easy to browse!! 🙂 You can easily find what you are looking for and much more: information about veganism, ebooks, links, FAQ…

Friday evening my eyes were really bigger than my stomach (day 7 of my juice fast) and in order not to think about food I really needed to please myself … 🙂 buying food: which sounds like a contradiction but it’s not…or maybe it is…so let’s say I was just trying to find the basic vegan products not available where I live! 🙂

So, rephrasing…. last Friday I needed to order very necessary, healthy and tasty food and I decided to try this fresh looking new shop! 🙂

By the way, do not forget that with a 70€ order, shipping is free throughout France (standard TNT delivery :1 day)!

Here’s what I ordered:

 Daiya Cheddar style slices – Provolone en tranches à fondrecheddarslices
Daiya Provolone style slices – Provolone en tranches à fondredf-slices-provolone-us
Sheese Smoked Cheddar Style – Cheddar fumé        ???????????????????????????????
Jeezini slices – Jeezo Santi


Cofresh Hummus Chips – Chips de houmous au sel marin


Meridian Tikka Masala Sauce – Sauce Tikka Masala


Organica white bar – chocolat blanc


Engevita yeast condiment with B12 – Levure maltée & B12


The Vegg – Jaune d’oeuf végétal


B12 Vitamin (500 µg)vitamineb12_100mcgcopy-v
Biona Maple syrup waffles – Gaufres au sirop d’érable


Kallø Organic mushroom stock cubes – Bouillon cube champignons – organic


Everfresh Sprouted spelt bread – Pain à l’Epeautre germé – organic


Cherry on the top: due to a TNT delivery issue, Mrs Alduc called me personally to propose a different delivery option for me to have my parcel within 24 hours! Tip top! 😉

And here’s my order, just arrived this morning, thank you The Vegan Shop!

So don’t think twice, if you live in the Hexagon, you are vegan and looking forward to tasting all this goodness, and many other great vegan products usually unavailable in France, I suggest you to have a look at this fantastic new online shop:

And now it’s a waiting game…3 more days before being able to taste the hummus chips, will I be able to resist?? 🙂
What do you think?


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